Understanding the basics of Local SEO

Long gone are the days when filling meta-tags and repeating words in your pages were of any value to make your website rank high on internet searches. Google has since become a giant artificial intelligence; extremely smart and capable. Yes, content is still important — however, it's not because Google counts how many times you use a word but because Google has the capacity to read and learn the context, meaning and intent of any web page.

...and with Local SEO, things become even more complex.

Dealing with online search engines is like dealing with human beings

What are the two main purposes of marketing?

As the owner of a business, the two most important messages you need to communicate to the world are:
  1. What you do
  2. Why you are better than your competition

Marketing —in all its shapes and forms— has the primary purpose of "broadcasting" these two messages to the largest audience possible. Businesses that are successfully able to communicate these two messages will enjoy a large and loyal customer base for life.